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ERO Container Arrivals

In addition to ERO‘s Oneport freight forwarding account, we also have different types of container trucks, such as super heavy-duty tractors, 20 or 40 foot tractors, super lower racks trailer, refrigerated containers, dangerous containers, flat racks, etc. We can provide the most suitable container drayage arrangement and professional operation team to handle the shipping documents and warehouse related matters to save the processing time for our customers.

Our services include: local container haulage, CY-to-customer, ferry container, container storage, container leasing, over-racking, inbound and outbound bulk cargo, door-to-door freight forwarding, heavy lift, crane service, dangerous goods, frozen goods, artwork, temperature-controlled air cushion trucking, ERO or Oneport freight forwarder exchange bill of lading and one-stop container trucking unloading and delivery services.

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Our sophisticated fleet of vehicles is closely linked to our operations, and we are equipped with a state-of-the-art TMS system and Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide our customers with a clear picture of the location and arrival time of their vehicles.

In addition, our company’s logistics drivers have undergone rigorous training and have been authorized by the Labour Department and the Construction Industry Council to issue a “Construction Industry Safety Training Certificate” (ie Construction Industry Safety Card – Green Card and White Card). Each vehicle and driver is equipped with a staff handbook and safety guidelines, personal protective equipment, safety shoes and helmets, and is capable of handling freight at construction sites or airports.

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