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Adoption not trading  Contribution to the community

As a socially responsible company, ELEGANT Logistics Group is committed to implementing various environmental protection measures and giving back to the community by actively participating in public welfare initiatives, protecting animals, promoting adoption and helping the underprivileged, maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and respecting its employees.

Energy Saving

To achieve effective energy saving, ELEGANT Logistics Group’s management department regularly checks and maintains all equipment to ensure good performance and reduce energy wastage. We have also adopted solar panels to power the lighting system in some of our warehouses.

Environmental Performance.

In addition, we have been switching to low-carbon vehicles in our transport fleet and to electric forklifts and trucks in our warehouses to improve environmental performance. We are fulfilling our social responsibility as a logistics company through activities such as “eliminating idling and strictly enforcing green driving” and “improving cargo loading efficiency”.

Eco-friendly Logistics

We are also working together with our customers to achieve environmentally friendly logistics by improving our transport methods and routes. Let’s work together to realize eco-friendly logistics that care for the earth.

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News of Contribution to the community

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