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Cross-Border Containers

ELEGANT specializes in (China-Hong Kong) Cross-Border container trucks, providing 24-hour express point-to-point China-Hong Kong freight service throughout Guangdong Province. This includes 20ft and 40ft container trucks.

Container Size - Specialty Containers (3)
  • We also have a wide range of hardware, including ultra lower trailers, power generation trailers, humpback trailers and electrical and mechanical dangerous trailers, to provide special container haulage services including: refrigerated containers, extra tall and extra wide containers, dangerous goods transportation and tank container cross border transportation services.

Shipping customs clearance services (2)
  • We also provide domestic customs clearance, purchase order declaration service and seamless customs declaration and road manifest declaration for Hong Kong Customs. Our experienced team handles all of our customers’ logistics needs for exporting cross border containers to Hong Kong.

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