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Oneport Container Transportation

With the evolution of the logistics industry, container haulage has gradually entered the age of high technology, from the old paper form of bills of lading and delivery documents to the present day Oneport and ERO systems.

ELEGNT Logistics In line with the consistent spirit of customer-oriented and continuous innovation and learning, our container fleet is not only equipped with GPS satellite positioning system, but also selects EU-approved emission reduction container trucks to ensure lower levels of air pollution.

We can also handle ERO or Oneport Bill of Lading exchange and one-stop container logistics srvices included trucking and unloading for customers. We provide professional services to deal with cumbersome logistics matters for customers.

OnePort Ltd in HK


The OnePort Application Solutions, introducing innovative concepts such as process management, event coordination and seamless data integration. OnePort optimizes processes, from automated reservation systems to streamlined billing and payment through order posting and payment systems.

More than a collection of solutions, the OnePort System serves as a central hub for data integration, providing a secure and efficient exchange platform for businesses and partners. With tailored applications catering to diverse logistics needs, it empowers stakeholders and fosters collaboration in a seamlessly integrated logistics ecosystem.

ELEGANT Logistics Group - the large fleet providing Transportation Services

Oneport Container Services

We also provide professional services to handle the tedious logistics issues for our customers. We have different types of container tractors, such as 20 or 40 feet tractors, ultra short tractors, refrigerated containers, dangerous containers, flatbeds, etc., which are suitable for different types of haulage arrangements.

We provide a wide range of services including terminal pick-up, local container hauling, ferrying, container storage, container rental, refrigerated containers, oversized and oversized containers, etc. Our experienced team is responsible for the delivery of containers at a reasonable price. 

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