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Future of Logistics Freight Industry CEO’s Speech

Shoulder the present of Elegant Logistics Group , looking forward to the future of the freight industry.  

I started my career in logistics and freight forwarding when I was 18 years old. I have learnt a lot from my junior position to my current position as CEO of ELEGANT, running the logistics and freight forwarding business and also working on activities outside the company.

During this time, my personal motto and corporate philosophy, “No change, no progress”, emerged, providing clarity on the direction I have taken up to now. Together with the company’s “human and financial resources”, we must become an increasingly open company while actively developing our business in comparison to any other.

In order to achieve this goal, we will be increasingly researching and challenging ourselves. All our employees will aim for the highest level of excellence and devote themselves to their work. This is our commitment.

The times are going to change with a vengeance, so the flexibility to adapt to change is required. But the spirit and the constant challenge of our goals will not change. As ELEGANT’s logistics and freight forwarding industry changes and evolves, we will continue to be a company that is constantly recognised by our customers and the market.

In terms of providing a full range of logistics and freight forwarding services, I believe that there is more to it than just the present, and it is our continued goal to continue to move forward as a professional integrated logistics and freight forwarding service provider.

Future of Logistics (Freight) Industry - CEO's Speech
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